Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating: Correct Digestion Issue with Whole Plant Food


Food was never meant to our enemy! I teach people how to eat healthy and improve their health.  

Whole Plant Food Heals!! Learn to eat to live. Get strong with your food choices "Break Down your Limiting Beliefs around healthy eating."

What would you like to change?


If you answer Yes then you are ready: 

Are you ready to not be afraid of your food choices?

Do you worry about losing control around food?

Are you ready to eliminate your food crave?


Do you believe you ready to change your eating habits, for good?

Food was not meant to be your enemy!

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Eliminate Chronic Pain

Eliminate Chronic Pain: Use Holistic Remedies to Drastically Reduce Chronic Pain

Back pain, wrist, leg pain, or where ever your pain resides in your body learn some natural remedies to help you ease your troubles. 

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Learn how to use food to eliminate chronic pain. Learn which foods triggers your chronic pain.

Create a sustainable pain free way of life.

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Heal My Uterus

Healing My Womb: Natural Remedies to Soothe Your Raging Uterus: 


Ladies, are you suffering from unbearable cramps, fibroids, endometriosis, PCOS, or painful periods? If you are ready to do the healing work, then this workshop is for you.


Healing my womb is a natural remedy; 6-hour education program designed to teach you holistic      self-care preparations & remedies  to eliminate chronic pain, reduce excessive bleeding, and eliminate uterine conditions.


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Your Learning Experience:

Compose food & herbal detox remedies

Prepare your personal kitchen pharmacy

Perform uterus strengthening exercise       

Create an eating plan to eliminate pain

Identify hormonal system problems

Reverse Food Addiction

Reverse Food Addiction: Conquering Food Addiction with Whole Plant Food Lifestyle


Are you addicted to artificial food? Are you tired of suffering from food  withdrawals? Are you ready to stop and take charge of your unhealthy eating habits? If the way you eat makes you sad or depressed then you may have a problem?


The food addiction course addresses those physical, mental, and emotional triggers that drive you to make unhealthy eating choices. Reverse Food Addiction is a 6-month class that teaches you to implement practical and easy healthy lifestyle behaviors to break free from food addiction 


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Your Learning Experience:

Clarify emotional and mental eating triggers

Implementing a lifestyle wellness plan

Building healthy eating habits

Identifying underlined self inflicted behaviors

Releasing pent-up anxiety and stress

Developing a healthy sleep pattern

And so much more...